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CIRLCE Foundation Staff

The Circle Foundation is located at 17 N. State, 3rd Floor, Chicago and conducts many programs and services around the Chicagoland area

To inquire or get involved with CIRCLE Foundation programs or events, contact us at 312.999.9360

Compass Counseling

The Compass Counseling Program is a program that operates in collaboration with the Alternative Schools Network. This counseling program is a free program which administers weekly counseling and mentoring sessions. The program is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development to provide social adjustment and rehabilitation services to Title XX eligible youth (Public Aid recipients or students who demonstrate a need for services.)

Participants of the Compass Counseling Program are assessed for individual needs and a plan is developed to provide a wide range of services including individual, group and family counseling, advocacy, employment readiness training, and health coordination.

YES Program

The YES (Youth Experiencing Success) Program is a school-based program that offers a variety of services to youth ages 16-21 years old. The program provides comprehensive alternative education services based on the individual needs of each youth. Each youth has the services of a full-time mentor who provides daily services in a holistic approach to support the youth to attend school regularly, build their skills, graduate and transition.

The mentor makes daily contact with the student and provides various learning, developmental, and service opportunities to further engage the youth. The student’s mentor also assists in building the young person’s social and academic skills, as well as with job and college placement, or further training.

Y3S Program

The Y3S Program is a comprehensive program that provides educational, social service and work-related services in order to provide the necessary social and educational skills that out-of-school youth will need to earn a high school diploma and transition to employment, college, or further skills training (vocational training).

In order to build the employability and social and academic skills of the DCFS youth, the program includes am individualized, self-paced computer learning system, and a mentor who works closely with the students to support employment and college readiness, personal discipline and academic achievement. The YS3 Programs provides youth who are in foster care, and are between the ages of 16 and 21, such services as life skills workshops, in-class and after-school tutoring, a scholarship program, leadership training, ACT prep, and college tours.

RSP Program

The Re-Enrolled Student Project (RSP) is a partnership between ASN and its member schools with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to expand services for reenrolled students. Academic and wraparound services are provided to out-of-school teens who have re-enrolled to attain their high school diploma and continue their studies at a college level or place into a job.